The Forest Labyrinth

a peaceful "meander with intention" amongst the trees

A Private Labyrinth Available to the Public

A maze is designed to confuse; a labyrinth helps you find your way.

Unlike a maze, a labyrinth has only one path. There are no dead ends, no alternates.  Walking a labyrinth requires no problem-solving or choices; the only decision required is to enter. The rational brain is relieved of responsibility, leaving the intuitive self freed up to express itself and the senses opened up to experience the present moment.

A contemporary design based on a Medieval pattern

The Forest Labyrinth is a delightful serpentine path threaded organically among the trees in a woodland nature setting. A wide path of pine needles helps make it accessible to a broad range of people and ages, and offers a quiet and comfortable walk. The pattern, inspired by the famous Chartres Cathedral labyrinth, is designed to gently disorient you in hopes you will trust it to take you where it leads.

A Gift to the Community

The Forest Labyrinth is located on private land but was created to be shared in the interests of peace and human connection. As such, there is no cost to visit. For some it is a spiritual tool, for some a walking meditation, or for others a journey of personal inquiry. But it need be nothing more than a peaceful walk in the woods. We each find meaning in our own way.