Labyrinth Facilitator

Though there is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth, nor does it necessarily require any guidance, a Labyrinth Facilitator can enhance the experience by providing context beforehand, offering interpretation/clarification afterwards, and can suggest particular methods, exercises, rituals or approaches to add meaning to your labyrinth walk.

A Labyrinth Facilitator is also there to “hold space” for labyrinth users, be witness and on-call expert resource as required. A skilled Facilitator endeavours to be sensitive to the degree of interaction desired and not impede the experience or be in the way, and can work with groups or individuals.

Veriditas, a non-profit dedicated to change and renewal through the labyrinth experience, has provided Facilitator Training to over 5000 people worldwide since it began in 1997, and remains the most rigorous and comprehensive Labyrinth Facilitator Training offered.

Neil Baldwin, creator and builder of the Forest Labyrinth, attended the Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator Training lead by Rev Dr Lauren Artress, founder of the modern labyrinth movement, in San Francisco at Grace Cathedral in 2012. Neil has written published articles on labyrinths, was featured speaker at Owen Sound LabyrinthFest, and in 2019 attended a week-long labyrinth retreat by Path Adventures in Nova Scotia.

Neil makes himself available to Forest Labyrinth visitors who would like a trained Labyrinth Facilitator on hand to augment/support their experience. He provides these services at no cost, though encourages visitors to make a donation within their means, the entirety of which goes to local charities. Beyond the Forest Labyrinth, consult the directory of Ontario labyrinth facilitators maintained by the Labyrinth Community Network.

Inlaid floor labyrinth (11-circuit Chartres pattern) at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco CA [photo: Neil Baldwin]