Summer Solstice Gathering

Solstice is on Saturday, June 20th, and arrives at 5:44PM in this area. While interactive ceremony or labyrinth ritual is not advisable in this coronavirus time, labyrinth walkers are welcome to mark this significant solar and seasonal milestone in their own way in either of two time blocks (5-7PM and 7-9PM, max 10 people in each)… sorry for the structure but it seems the easiest way to make the labyrinth available and still allows flexibility to be here for any time within the two hour block you choose.

The fire ring will be lit at 5:44 and maintained until dusk. Coloured lanterns and dim lamps will be lit in the labyrinth approaching sunset.  Details & registration go to:

Seeing as this particular Solstice is on the eve of a New Moon… a time of beginnings, intentions & seeds, infinite possibilities… one suggested personal ritual is to send a note into the fire after your labyrinth walk. It might represent something you want to separate yourself from, something you want to send out into the universe, or whatever you may wish to share or divest yourself of more broadly.

If you’re looking for more ideas to make it meaningful, with kind permission of the authors and as a bonus for the Forest Labyrinth Mailing List, I am including a scan of several pages which describe two different though related ways of marking summer Solstice from the book Rituals in the Labyrinth  by Grace Amirault & Debra Amirault-Camelin. Grace & Debra were the minds and hearts behind a wonderful week-long labyrinth and mindfulness retreat I attended in Nova Scotia last fall.

Kindest regards, from here to there,


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