Periwinkle Dreams

Did you know there is a forest labyrinth conditions page I update occasionally? Earlier this week I noted how it is the perfect combination of conditions in the forest right now?

What I didn’t mention is that there is also a delightful carpet of in-bloom periwinkle as you walk toward the labyrinth entrance. Yes, I know it is technically an invasive plant species. And, no, I didn’t plant it–I suspect it has been in this spot for decades considering the size of the patch, expanding each year. But those glorious periwinkle flowers… somewhere between violet and indigo on the colour spectrum… sure can’t help but make you smile.

Unrelated, guess what, there is going to be a drumming circle at the labyrinth on Solstice Eve (Tue JUN 21)!! And, like periwinkle, I’m sure it will be beautiful… we’ll light the firebowl for drumming and have lanterns in the labyrinth for a walk. I’ll put together details and set up registration over the weekend and send an event announcement as soon as it is ready.

view looking toward labyrinth entrance from firebowl/gathering area

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