Newsletter #12

It was a quiet winter for me generally, and at the Forest Labyrinth which had only a few visitors since the first snow fell in late November. I did enjoy snowshoeing it occasionally, both to delineate the labyrinth path for use by Airbnb guests staying in the cabin, and as a labyrinth walk in and of itself. Especially on a crisp, sunny winter morning it was magical.

With the arrival of spring (or was it premature summer?) the week prior, I was out at the labyrinth clearing some of the twigs and debris that well during winter winds. At centre, I noticed some of the small items and mementos that have been left by visitors and by myself. The snow blanket now gone, they reveal themselves once again.

Yes, that final photo of things found at labyrinth centre is an owl pellet, in fact, one of several I saw there. I think it’s so cool to know that owls… wise as they are said to be… also hang out at the forest labyrinth! Anyhow, here’s a few newsy notes directly, indirectly, and tangentially, labyrinth-related I thought would interest you:

Saturday, May 6: World Labyrinth Day

Now in its 15th year, World Labyrinth Day (WLD) has lots of events planned at labyrinths around the world. Whether you want to join an event or just walk quietly on your own, use the Ontario Labyrinth Locator to find one near you to visit this coming Saturday, or if that isn’t possible why not join one of the virtual labyrinth events.

I love the WLD notion of Walk as One at 1 to, “create a rolling wave of peaceful energy passing from one time zone to the next around the globe.” Simple, beautiful, powerful. If you like, feel warmly welcome to join me here at the Forest Labyrinth to start walking the path around 1PM, rain or shine. You can just turn up or, if you want any event updates or need directions, register on the events page.

Fri May 5: National Day of Awareness for Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, Girls and 2-Spirited People

Thomas Dean, one of the people behind the creation of the Gichi-Name Wiikwedong Reconciliation Garden in Owen Sound (and designer of the Edible Labyrinth at the Food Forest and Community Gardens in Owen Sound) let me know about an upcoming event to honour and remember Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, Girls and 2-Spirited People. This is not a fragment of history that we reflect back upon. This is happening today: a tragedy rooted in racism, misogyny, and the attempts to dismantle Indigenous culture. Click for flyer with event details.

“Meeting the Divine in the Forest”

Gary Kenny, whose name you may recognize as author/columnist from one or more of the area publications he writes for, penned a delightful and compelling article in Rural Voice earlier this year about the spirituality of forests.

Gary’s piece brings together a variety of viewpoints leading off with Thoreau, integrating indigenous perspectives, a cross-section of woodland lovers, and also includes the Forest Labyrinth in words and pictures. Read the article on the Rural Voice website.

Make a Labyrinth Bracelet?

One of the labyrinth blogs I follow just posted an article with designs for different labyrinth patterns for bracelets. I know there are some craft artisans among the readership of the Forest Labyrinth newsletter, so thought I would put it out there in case you’re looking for an interesting project to undertake.

Journey into Ontario Labyrinths

Speaking of great labyrinth blogs, Journey Into Ontario Labyrinths is the original endeavour of 3 Ontario members of The Labyrinth Society to explore the possibility of routes that can be promoted to the tourism community, assist communities/cities in Ontario to have a wide range of labyrinths and programs (through grants) and meet like-minded people to share photos, stories, workshops, posts etc on facebook, blog, book(s) or in person. There’s lots of interesting content, and also the possibility to get involved and add your voice, experiences, and pictures.

Meandering in a Teardrop Trailer

Lastly, we’re getting to the tangentially labyrinth-related. One of my own endeavours during the winter was creating a blog all about camping with tiny Teardrop Trailers. I sometimes refer to mine as my “introvert escape pod” 🙂 Getting away on teardrop camper road trips last year was deeply replenishing and nourishing, and I can’t wait to hit the road again as soon as weather takes a turn for the better. Meandering my way along, with a general plan/intention but open to whatever turns and diversions present themselves, has many parallels to walking a labyrinth. And perhaps that’s why this recreational activity feeds my soul similarly. In case you’re interested (or curious!) check out

Warm regards from me here to you there,

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