Breathing the Path

To mark World Labyrinth Day, Saturday May 7, 2022, you are invited to the Forest Labyrinth for a peaceful synthesis of breath work and labyrinth walking.

What to Expect

We’ll gather around the firebowl near the labyrinth entrance. Following brief words of welcome and orientation, you will be guided through a few elements of better breathing, the notion of breath ratios, and learn a calming, grounding technique called Resonant Breathing.

Suggestions will be made for applying breath to a labyrinth walk, and for us using this opportunity to connect our energies with the unsettled world we are living in these days. But feel free to come with your own intention based on whatever is calling to you or resonating the need for attention in your world.


When: Saturday May 8, 2022 – gather and begin about 2PM, welcome to arrive anytime 1ish onward.

Weather Dependent?: goes ahead light rain or shine; cancelled if heavy rains or severe weather forecast

Duration: around 1-1½ hours, or as long as you wish depending your personal labyrinth walk

More info: Backgrounder on Better Breathing


Please register here for directions & notification of any changes. Un-register, if necessary, using same link.


The breathing instruction is intended for all levels and does not need any prior experience or skills, but may not be suited to young children. If you are new to walking labyrinths, some context & suggestions on Using a Labyrinth will help you get the most from it.

If you may like to sit for some reflection/integration time after your labyrinth walk, perhaps bring a blanket or seat of some sort.

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