Summer Solstice Drum Circle

Solstice arrives at 5:15AM in advance of sunrise on Tuesday, June 21. In the evening we’ll gather anytime from 7 onward to drum out the longest day of the year.

Labyrinth fire bowl: Spirit Tree

What to Expect

The firebowl just outside the labyrinth will be active and we’ll drum until sunset (9:12 that day) then walk the forest labyrinth shortly after. There’s no particular program or structure other than that. As sunset approaches, I’ll hang some lights and coloured lanterns in the labyrinth to make it a bit magical at dusk.

Drum circles don’t need any particular skill or experience. The sound evolves and morphs in a very organic way with each moment. Nor do you need to be drumming all the time… or at all if you would rather just chill and listen. Though even if you don’t think drumming is your thing, good chance you may feel drawn in; it’s a primal beat that calls us somewhere deep inside. You don’t even need your own drum (see below).

Bring your own intention for the labyrinth walk. For some, Solstice being the apogee of light before turning back toward dark, this is an opportunity to cast something into the fire. It may be something you want to divest yourself of, or perhaps something bright you wish to send out into the universe. It may be something written on paper or card, or it might even be a small object representative of what it is you wish to release. Or maybe it won’t come to you until your labyrinth walk; I will leave some cards and pens at the centre for that possibility.


When: Tuesday, June 21, 2022 – arrive and join the circle anytime from 7PM onward. Labyrinth walk at sunset.

Weather Dependent?: cancelled if high likelihood of rain or severe weather forecast

Duration: there is no formal “program”, it’s up to you when to come and go


Please register here for directions & notification of any changes. Un-register, if necessary, using same link.


Well, seems obvious but bring a drum or other percussive instrument. If you don’t have one (or do and want some variety) I will have a few options on available. See this list of instruments on the Sound Exploration page of my SoulTrail web site and if there is something in particular let me know on your registration so I can be sure to bring it out.

Bring something to sit on. There are a few Muskoka chairs around the firebowl but they are not ideal for drumming. Stools or upright camp chairs are often good options. Bring whatever works for you.

Being mid-June, mosquitoes may find an early evening drum circle appealing and wish to join too. The fire will help dissuade some of them but if bugs bug you, bring what you need to make it a pleasant experience. In consideration of other drummers, if possible please refrain from heavily scented chemical/DEET repellents.

If you have any coloured, or low-light lanterns or other battery-powered funky mood lighting to add to the mix, feel welcome to bring it along!

If you are new to walking labyrinths, some context & suggestions on Using a Labyrinth will help you get the most from the experience.

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