Meditation + Intention

Perhaps it’s an echo of our years as students but, for many of us, September feels like the start of a new cycle… an alternate “new years” of sorts. This event offers space and place to join with others in meditation and a shared labyrinth walk experience drawing on that notion of new starts.

What to Expect

Forest Labyrinth Centre, at dawn

The general format is to gather around the labyrinth firebowl, set-up your space and any props you like (e.g., mat, blanket, stool, cushion, etc), then take whatever time you wish for meditation. Whenever you feel that is complete, enter the labyrinth to start your walk as you feel called to it. We’ll each move our bodies on our own time but our energies will remain in proximity of each other, whether in or just beyond the labyrinth.

This is not an instructional event. A Labyrinth Facilitator will be present to provide words of welcome and orientation while we’re setting up our spaces, and to be on hand through the duration of the event if anyone wishes to discuss their labyrinth experience before or after they walk. However, it is up to each participant to determine in what manner they wish to meditate, and for how long.

There are countless meditation methods and strategies, though it can be a simple as sitting there and focusing on sounds or sights around you or processes (like breathing) within you. More than anything, it’s just about stepping away from your busy mind… or giving it something less verbal to be busy with 😉

Whatever you choose to do, to respect others please engage in silent meditation. (Or if you prefer guided meditation, listen through earbuds at low volume). To avoid smoke being a distraction, there will be no fire burning in the firebowl for this event. However, there will be lit candle(s) on the firebowl.

Keeping with the “new cycle” theme, it’s a great opportunity to use your labyrinth walk to set intention and/or seek clarification concerning the coming time period, whether that be one of days or weeks or months for you. Using the “4 Rs” of labyrinth walking (see page: Using a Labyrinth) may be a helpful framework. I will also have the deck of Labyrinth Wisdom Cards placed in the centre, and the interpretive book available, if you enjoy that type of guidance.


When: Monday September 5th (Labour Day) 10AM

Weather dependent? Yes

Duration: Up to each person, depends on time in meditation and walking the labyrinth. Allowing at least an hour is suggested, but you are welcome to remain up until noon.


Please register here for directions & notification of any changes. Un-register, if necessary, using same link.


Bring what you need to sit or lie on. A mat or blanket tends to make the ground more comfortable. Some find it is easier to sit upright on a cushion or meditation stool/bench, or even a yoga block. Or bring a more conventional seat like a folding camp chair, possibly with a cushion or pillow behind you to support your back. Whatever works best for you is fine.

I also have floor seats which may be borrowed by up to five people. What’s a floor seat? A comfy seat, with adjustable backrest, directly on the ground. (For a visual, see this page and wait for the “Karma Chair” pictures to cycle through slideshow at bottom.)

No guarantees folks, but unless there’s a sudden resurgence the bugs should be fairly light by the time of this event.

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